Obes is running for Houston City Council to give back to the city that has given him so much. Houston is an amazing city full of opportunity. This is the city where he earned his degree, had his first job, and bought his first home. He wants to ensure that all Houstonians have a chance to succeed.

Water infrastructure

– Improving water infrastructure in Houston is a pressing issue that requires immediate attention. Houston’s current water infrastructure is outdated and in need of modernization, with aging pipes and facilities prone to leaks, breaks, and contamination. This not only leads to a loss of precious water resources but also poses serious health and environmental risks to the city’s residents. Upgrading the water infrastructure would ensure an efficient and reliable supply of clean water, enhance the public health system, and promote sustainable economic growth. The benefits of improved water infrastructure include reduced water loss, increased water pressure, improved water quality, and reduced water-related health hazards. Investing in Houston’s water infrastructure is a long-term investment that will bring immense benefits to the city and its residents.

– Infrastructure: Upgrading the city’s infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and public transportation, is essential for ensuring efficient and safe transportation, as well as supporting economic growth.

Invest in the future of the city

– Investing in the future of Houston is crucial for securing a prosperous and sustainable future for the city and its residents. There are several areas in which investment can have a significant impact, including education, and economic development.
– Education: Investing in education provides a foundation for the future workforce, equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in an ever-changing economy. This includes investing in early childhood education, teacher training, and vocational programs that prepare students for careers in growing industries.

– Economic Development: Supporting small businesses, attracting new investment and businesses, and encouraging entrepreneurship are key components of economic development that can help drive growth and create jobs in Houston.

– By investing in these areas, Houston can ensure a bright future for its residents, enhance its competitiveness, and establish itself as a leader in the 21st-century economy. These investments will pay off in the form of increased economic opportunities, improved quality of life, and a more resilient and thriving community for future generations.

Reduce traffic

– Reducing traffic in Houston is an important goal for improving the quality of life for residents and visitors, as well as for supporting the city’s economic growth. There are several strategies that can be employed to achieve this goal, including:

– Improving public transportation: Expanding and modernizing the city’s public transportation system can reduce traffic congestion by providing alternative modes of transportation for commuters.

– Encouraging carpooling and the use of alternative modes of transportation: Encouraging carpooling and the use of alternative modes of transportation, such as biking and walking, can reduce the number of cars on the road and help to alleviate traffic congestion.
– Implementing intelligent transportation systems: Implementing intelligent transportation systems, such as traffic management and control systems, can help to optimize traffic flow and reduce congestion.

– By implementing these strategies, Houston can reduce traffic, improve air quality, and enhance the overall quality of life for residents. It is important to take a comprehensive approach to reducing traffic, incorporating a variety of strategies to address the issue in a sustainable and effective manner.

Protect Democracy

We cannot ignore the obvious any longer. Our democracy here at home is under attack. Every day, our state legislature tries to take away more of our rights and that cannot continue. Not only do we have to protect the rights and democracy we still have, but we have to work to expand our democracy to ensure that all can participate. Everything we are working for in this race: reducing traffic, fixing our water infrastructure, investing in the future of our city, will all be for naught if we don’t even have the ability to govern ourselves or choose who represents us. What does that mean? It means registering more people to vote, it means reaching out to every eligible voter in Houston, and it means working to ensure that EVERYONE in Houston and the rest of our state has the ability to vote. It also means using every tool at our disposal to fight back against anyone, any group, or any entity that tries to take our hard-earned democratic rights away. You have my solemn vow to always fight for right to vote and for our democracy.